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5 Spring Gardening Tasks You Can Start Now

Mar 2, 2020

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at your gardens for the 2020 growing season. Even though the ground is still cold and the weather is unpredictable there is plenty that you can be cracking on with.

We have compiled a list of five tasks that you can do now in preparation for this year.

It’s a great time to inspect your garden.

When you first start seeing signs that the weather is on the turn and getting a little warmer, it’s a good time to get out in your garden and take stock of the state the winter has left it in.

Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes of what can be done at this time of year.

  • Look for any plants that have been damaged by the cold or from the winter weather. Work out if they can be nurtured back to health or if they are too far gone and need disposing of. Remember that composting is a gardener’s best friend!
  • Check beds to evaluate what work they will require
  • As it’s not the right time to plant out just yet, focus your attention on hard landscaping elements such as fences, walls, trellises and other structures that need repair or maintenance.

Get on with hard landscaping repair and maintenance.

As mentioned above, as the ground isn’t ready to be worked at the moment, a good idea is to focus on tasks that are easier to access whilst there isn’t massive foliage and plant growth.

  • Repair damaged walls
  • Check your paths form mould growth or signs of damage
  • Fix fences, decks, trellises, window boxes and any structures that need some TLC
  • Clear gutters
  • Being planning how to create raised beds if that’s part of your 2020 plan.
  • When the temperature and weather permitting grab your paintbrush.

Start tidying your garden.

Whilst it’s not the correct time to start planting out, look to clean out the debris and have a thorough clean. Remove fallen branches, clear up compacted leaves.

Look at your garden shed and have a good clear out. Any tool or equipment that is past its ‘sell-by date’ either look to repair or replace.

Take a look at garden structures such as greenhouses, they may need a good clean to remove mildew and mould growth.

If you have water features or a pond check the filters and sterilise where needed.

Feed your soil.

If you are unsure of the type of soil that your garden has, it’s recommended that you test it every 3-5 years. These kits are available very cheaply online.

Once you have the results, you’ll know exactly the right type of feed/fertiliser that your garden needs. If you’re still unsure, a great tip is to visit your local garden centre and ask for some advice. Most will happily talk you through the best options and products that will hopefully help your plants thrive.

Transplant shrubs.

Evergreen shrubs can be moved early spring before you see signs of new growth or in autumn giving them enough time to establish roots before next winter.

Deciduous shrubs can be moved almost anytime if they aren’t in bloom and the weather is a bit milder.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for transplanting shrubs. Whilst they remain dormant moving them shouldn’t be an issue as it puts much less stress on the plant, allowing them to fully bounce back.


Early spring is all about preparation and maintenance. There is plenty that you can be getting on with such as caring for your lawn. We have also put together a quick 15 tips for spring gardening that will be helpful.


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