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Gardening Hygiene Tips to Keep your Garden Healthy

Jan 30, 2020

Diseases and pests in your garden are a problem for all budding gardeners when trying to get their gardens in the best condition they can be.

Whether you want to improve your outdoor space with lots of flowers and plants or if you’re trying to grow a veg patch, the idea is the same, ensure your plants are super healthy and disease-free.

Capital Gardens has put together a great infographic showing some key tips on combating a disease-ridden garden.

Finding out where the disease has come from is a major headache and spotting the spread can be even harder. A number of factors can affect this, such as the climate in your garden, moisture, the types of plants and the general maintenance you do.

A lot of the factors will simply not be under your control, however, keeping a regular eye on your garden and a good routine will help alleviate the problem somewhat.

Practices such as pruning, tidying up, getting rid of diseased plants and just general tidying up are some of the ways that you can help.

The guide covers the following gardening hygiene tips

  • Cut out diseases
  • Careful composting
  • Cleaning your tools
  • Washing your hands
  • Avoid spreading soil
  • Pre-spring cleaning
  • Scrubbing greenhouses
  • Using a sulphur candle
  • Create breathing space
  • Dry patch
  • Staking
  • Harvesting at the right time


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