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March Gardening Guide – What to do now?

Mar 6, 2019

Hopefully by now we’re ready to welcome warmer days, the frost have about lifted and it’s a great time to get back in the garden.

Gardening is March is a really busy time, there is lots that can be done outside. You’ll start to see new growth and plants are starting to come back to live.

Here are our top ideas to keep you busy this month:

Start to ferilise your beds – You need to be sure that the frosts have gone and the soil is easy to work with. If you have a compost heap, it’s time to start digging this into your beds, if you don’t, use well rotted manure and work it well into the soil about 5-7cm deep. You can also use all purpose fertiliser, but make sure you know what plants you’ll be planting in those areas to ensure it’s suitable.

Move decidous trees or shrubs – Again make sure your soil isn’t frozen or waterlogged, if not March is the perfect time for this task.



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