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All great lawns start with a good foundation. Get this right and with ongoing maintenance you’ll have a beautiful area that is green, lush and healthy.

First of all, once your old lawn has been removed get rid of all stones and debris from the ground and soil.

Don’t skip this stage. It can be a lot of physical work but it’s important to have the best start for your new grass.

Using a soil rake to rake out majority of the stones and other debris, then getting down on your hands and knees remove any remaining bits. The better the seedbed, the better your lawn will be.

Dig down a fair way, not just the top soil, this will also help with drainage.  For large or very uneven, beds consider using a petrol rotavator it will speed up the process and also break the soil up to fine manageable soil.

As part of digging and removal of stones and debris it’s the best time to get the soil structure right.

Should you have really heavy or clay like soil then a good idea is to add in horticultural sharp sand (not building sand) or peat.

You can also work in some topsoil to break up the heavy texture. If your soil is sandy or very light adding extra peat in at this stage will help the texture, it will also help the soil from drying out to fast and retain more nutrients.

As you’re doing this, it’s at the stage that you should start thinking about levelling the ground.

Try not to remove too much topsoil. Sub soils aren’t that great for the seedbed, it can very low in nutrients and can create a patchy finished lawn once growth has established.

In the spring and when the weather gets a little warmer, your soil will start to dry out, this is the best time to think about lawn your lawn or consider seeding.

Again rake the soil so it’s as even as possible. You can also roll the ground, to make the lawn bed nice and firm.

Once you have done this, rake the soil again. Keep doing this until you have a firm and level seedbed. It’s at this point that we can look at laying your lawn or sowing the area with grass seed.