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Get your Garden Ready when you Go on Holiday

Jul 31, 2019

If you’re an avid gardener, all the hard work that you’ve put into your garden can be quickly undone if you’re heading off for a few weeks in the sun.

It’s natural that you will worry about your plants and garden borders, especially when the weather hots up in the summer months in the UK.

With that in mind we have put together some top tips on how to prepare your garden whilst you’re away.

General Garden Care

Before you spend the next three weeks reclining on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, it’s time to get some of the basic gardening tasks done before you go.

Try and do these as close to your holiday as you can.

Make sure that you weed borders and paths, taking care of any small ones. By the time you get back they could be much bigger.

Stake any large plants that you know could be susceptible to strong winds – we all know what the British weather is like!

Mow your lawn as close as possible and remember to feed it if you haven’t done so in a while. Remember that some lawn fertilisers will require watering in if we’re not expecting rain a few days after you’ve done it.

Container plants

These types of plants can suffer a lot especially if the weather is hot and sunny.  They have a limited amount of natural water for the roots in containers so it’s important that they are watered on a regular basis.

Group your pots together in an area – don’t forget your hanging baskets!

If you have an automatic timer for a sprinkler then this works best. Make sure that you test this a few days before you head off. Make sure that the sprinkler covers all the plants and is on just enough to water them sufficiently. Don’t over water them.

If you don’t have a timer or sprinkler then stand the pots in some sort of base filled with water. As the plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil and as water evaporates from the soil itself, water will be pulled from beneath.

Remember the bigger the pot and plant, the more evaporation, the more likely they will need more water.

Greenhouses and polytunnels

As all us budding gardeners know greenhouses are great, however, left unattended they can become hotter than a sauna and your plants won’t love you for it.

Make sure that plants aren’t left without any shade, if you’re expecting hot weather spells then leave the windows and doors open whilst your away.

Thoroughly water your plants before you go, again use an automatic timer on a sprinkler or use an upside-down bottle with a dripper attached to keep the plants watered.

Get a gardening friend involved.

With all the best planning and attention to detail whilst you’re away, things can go amiss. You’re not there! If the sprinkler bursts, we have heavy rains, crazily high winds or a major heatwave there isn’t much you can do. Conditions do change.

Our top tip to ensure your garden is as good as you left it when you return is to get a friend that enjoys gardening to pop by every couple of days.

They will be able to check on things and take care of the maintenance and watering. If the weather changes suddenly for instance, they can react to that, ensuring that everything is sorted for you.



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